Owner Sal Augeri invites you and your family to his Saugutuck River-side restaurant for simple and delicious food, where great beers are always on tap.

Chef Justin Kaplan, an east coast native, recently moved to Westport from Lake Tahoe to open The 'Port, his 7th restaurant. Justin looks forward to rustic, home-style cooking done right. "We’re designing this menu for our guests, not our egos."

See you at The 'Port!

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Photos below are courtesy of local Fred Cantor and The Staples Tuition Grants. Please visit the Vintage Westport Online Gift Shop at zazzle.com. All proceeds benefit students of the Staples Tuition Grants.


(203) 557-9057



2A Post Road West

Westport, CT




Late May 2017

Check back in, we'll be taking reservations soon.

See you at The 'Port!

 Chef Justin Kaplan and Owner Sal Augeri  in front of The 'Port.    Photo credit:  Dan Woog , 2017

Chef Justin Kaplan and Owner Sal Augeri in front of The 'Port.

Photo credit: Dan Woog, 2017